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Where Santa and Jesus meet on the other side.



An alternative for those who love Christmas music but hate the narrow playlists and ad nauseam repetition of radio as usual.



6,000+ songs and counting.


All year round.


Since 2001.


Brooklyn, NY.


"Because you love “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” so much, you want to hear more songs like it." (The Village Voice - NYC Guide: Web Radio)

"If you’re sick of Barbara Streisand butchering Jingle Bells, tune in here. This Christmas music is sure to take the stress out of Holiday shopping." (Social Baggage blog)


"Yes, Virginia - there really is some decent rock and punk rock Christmas music out there and a lot of it is featured on this station." (Boombox Serenade - My Favorite Streaming Christmas Music on The Interwebs in 2012)

"Located in Brooklyn, New York, The Cutting Edge of Christmas streams a provocative selection of indie and alternative English-language holiday tracks." (Net Radio Blog - Four favourite holiday radio stations: Christmas Stocking 2015)

"The Cutting Edge of Christmas streams a variety of Christmas songs, from rock to alternative and indie. If you want to listen to something different from the usual, tune into this station." (Gyanist blog - Best websites for listening to Christmas songs - 2019)

"Here's a Christmas Internet station playing holiday music by artists you've never heard before and it has a PG-13 rating." (Recommended Stations blog - Recommended Station, December 2021)

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